Photo Gallery

Upstairs Bedroom with Fire Damage.

No Damage Too Severe!

Fire Damage Ravages Downtown Boston Home

Fires are one of the most frightening disasters a family could face, but our hardworking professionals are committed to easing the stress of the restoration process. Our highly trained teams carefully map out the road to recovery and execute that plan with efficiency and excellence, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. 

Air duct with debris.

Air Duct & HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Cleaning your air ducts and HVAC unit is crucial in order to have good indoor air quality. If your home or business hasn't had your air ducts checked and maintenanced in a while, give our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston / Dorchester team a call anytime 24/7.

Demoed flooring and flood cuts in a business.

We Can Get Your Business Back Up And Running After Water Damage

Getting your business back up and running after a major water damage event is what our SERVPRO of Boston team does best. 

A water loss can appear out of nowhere and leave behind a massive mess. If this occurs to your business, don't hesitate and give us a call today!

Bedroom with significant fire damage.

Bedroom Fire In Back Bay

This bedroom in Back Bay was completely ruined after a fire broke out in this home. The damage was devastating. Imagine your safe space, your bedroom, destroyed. Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston / Dorchester team helped restore this bedroom back to preloss conditions and make the space safe and livable again. 

Flooded basement.

Flood Waters Can Be Very Dangerous

A heavy rainstorm can cause flood events in the Boston area. The water left behind after a flood can be hazardous and needs expert care in order to safely remove and clean up.

Dog and green SERVPRO duck.

Cutest Office Assistant in the Boston Area

At SERVPRO of Boston Downtown, we are pretty certain that we have the cutest office assistant. Though he cannot follow along during jobs, he does a great job of brightening up our days!

Green SERVPRO duck on dashboard.

Happily Here To Help!

No matter the day or hour that your home or business in Boston, MA, suffers from a loss, our crew happily jumps into action to respond to your loss. Being there to help our community is what we are here for!

Team member extracting water.

Commercial Water Extraction in Action

When your home or business in Boston, MA, suffers from a water damage event that leaves behind a significant amount of water, our crew will use our powerful extraction equipment to properly and efficiently remove any standing water!

Drying equipment in large banquet room.

Water Leak Leads to Extensive Damage

This commercial property in suffered from a large water damage event. The carpet in this large room was mostly damaged beyond repair. Our SERVPRO team quickly got to work to ensure that the damage was properly and efficiently taken care of to avoid any further damage and make the loss seem "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO trucks parked.

Available 24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week

When a disaster strikes your home or business in the Boston area, you can count on our team to be there to help with all your restoration and cleanup needs! Our crew can quickly respond and get to work to ensure that your damage is properly taken care of quickly.

SERVPRO vans infront of scene of loss.

Always Available For An Emergency Response

Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston team offers an around-the-clock emergency response if your home or business suffers from water, fire, or mold damage. Disaster never waits for a convenient time to strike, so our team is always here to help get your Boston, MA, home or business back to normal.

Team member working and equipment on floor.

Smoke & Odor Cleanup

A small fire in this Boston, MA, home left the home with minimal soot damage but significant smoke & odor damage throughout the property. Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown team worked hard to get this home back to pre-fire conditions!

Mold growth.

Extensive Mold Infestation

Mold Growth in Local Business in Boston

Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown team is working hard to get this business back up and running after a massive mold infestation was discovered. 

Removed flooring and flood cuts in business.

Leader in Commercial Restoration

When it comes to commercial restoration and cleanup in the Boston, MA, area, you can trust that our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston team will be there to help make your business "Like it never even happened."

Fire damage in kitchen.

Kitchen Fire Cleanup

Do you know who to call after a fire damage event? Once the smoke settles, our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown team can quickly respond and get to work to ensure that the damage in your Boston home is taken care of.

Team members in the middle of demo.

Ice Storm in Texas

This home suffered from significant damage after the recent ice storm down in Texas. Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown team traveled down to the great state of Texas to help the victims of the storm!

Soot damage to wall.

House Fire in Boston

Our technicians are hard at work on this residential fire cleanup job. Luckily, the fire that broke out in this home didn't cause devastating damage and our team was able to quickly make it seem "Like it never even happened."

Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston team is the leader in fire damage cleanup and restoration in the Boston area! Call us today. 

Team members posing for a photo.

SERVPRO of Boston Team Members!

We love our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston team members! These pros are dedicated to being there to help your home or business in Boston, MA, after suffering from water or fire damage.

green drying equipment in a boston commercial property

Commercial Water Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is the premier choice in commercial restoration in the Boston area. It is critical to make sure the right company is chosen when handling any commercial loss. SERVPRO is quick to respond and get the job done right.

a pipe bursting with ice

Frozen Pipe Burst

Pipes Bursting In Boston, MA

Frozen pipes don't always break near the outside walls. Ice forms within the pipe starting from the outside wall and adds pressure inside the water line. The pipe will break at the weakest point which could be anywhere inside your home.

stormy and blaze in snow

Stormy and Blaze Take a Snow Day

Winter Storm Gail 2020

Boston was hit by Winter Storm Gail, bringing over a foot of snow to our state. Although many are snowed in, our team is still operating and responding to those with water and fire emergencies.

water on floors

Standing Water

Standing Water in Boston Property 

Standing water can quickly lead to secondary damage if not mitigated quickly. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston offers 24/7 , 365 water extraction services. (617) 227-2200

Grey background with the words, wind driven rain.

Water & Mold Damage

We know wind driven rain can quickly lead to water and mold damage in your property. That's why we work around the clock to mitigate damages. Call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston for immediate assistance after water damage! (617) 227-2200

Room with windows, brick walls, and wood flooring.

Water Loss Boston

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston knows time is of the essence when it comes to water loss. You can count on our team for 24/7, 365 response after water emergencies. (617) 227-2200

discolored white ceiling with a gold light fixture

Ceiling Discoloration and Sagging in Boston, MA

Ceiling discoloration, leaking light fixtures, and sagging is a common sign of water damage. At the first signs of water damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston. Time is of the essence!

a graphic that says "Nickels and dimes add up to dollars."


In the wise words of our trusted leader, "Nickels and dimes add up to dollars." -Frank Mattos

Frank has several different phrases he says on a day to day basis, and we thought it'd be fun to highlight them! 

removed flooring from a commercial space

Commercial Water Losses

Commercial water loss is our specialty. Our large loss response team is on call 24/7 to assist properties that suffer disaster. We have the equipment and skilled team to provide services to buildings of all sizes. 

a man in a white suit cleaning equipment

Consult, Clean, Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry-leading and proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades.

The program is grounded with our unique 3 Cs: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

Call today for a free quote! (617) 227-2200

a cabinet full of water damaged documents

Drying Documents After Water Damage

Drying documents after a water loss is a specific process that requires high attention to detail and skill. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is WRT certified and ready to take on any sized loss. (617) 227-2200

a man removing wood flooring

Floor Removal After Water Damage

When water gets under your floor and is left to sit, mold is given the perfect breeding ground. Call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston at the first signs of water damage to minimize loss. (617) 227-2200

2 green vans in a warehouse

Restoration After Flash Flooding

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown is out in the rain today, fixing up properties that experienced flash flooding. These two vans are back for a quick restock before heading back out again. We are available 24/7 to assist with water emergencies! (617) 227-2200

a customer satisfaction report

Customer Satisfaction

"Fast and Great Work, Especially Daury Medina."

We are so proud of our team for working quickly and efficiently! You can count on our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston crew to be "Faster to any size Disaster."

a building with graffiti on it

Vandalism Restoration and Graffiti Removal in Boston

Graffiti Removal in Boston

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston will act quickly to remove vandalism and graffiti from residential and commercial spaces. In addition to removing spray-painted graffiti from exterior walls, we can also clean driveways, walkways, asphalt, metals, wood, glass, plastic, and masonry.

a group of people in white protective suits and googles

Here to Help Disinfect

Disinfection to Minimize Risk of COVID-19 

Our team is working 24/7 to provide disinfection and deep clean of high touch surfaces in Boston homes and businesses. We use SERVPROXIDE and follow guidelines set by the CDC.

restoring a boston restaurant after mold damage

Mold Remediation in Boston

Our crew was called after water damage had been left to sit in this Boston commercial property. Water left to sit can easily cause mold and structural damage if left for a long period of time.Our team is certified by the IICRC and can provide mold restoration for buildings of all sizes.

men in white suits cleaning an office

Office Sanitization

Our crews are equipped with the knowledge and skill to provide proactive cleaning for your home and business. Schedule your property disinfection with us today! We are working 24/7 to provide cleaning services to our local community.

green SERVPRO trucks in a warehouse

24/7 Cleaning Services Available

Our teams are gearing up to head back out there! Our trucks are always ready to head out in a moments notice. We’re available 24/7 for bio remediation and disinfection of your commercial and residential properties in Boston, MA

a man in a white suit cleaning a desk

Detailed Disinfection

Chair by chair, table by table, doorknob by doorknob, room by room - every inch will be disinfected. Our dedicated crew will continue to work nights & work weekends to keep our community safe! (617) 227-2200

a guy in a white safety suit

Preventative Measures

Proactive cleaning is a great preventative measure for your Boston home and business. SERVPRO is open and operating 24/7 to assist with cleaning and disinfection services for our local community. We are here to help and we will get through this!

guys exiting a green van

Disinfection Services in Boston, MA

Our team is dedicated to serving our community 24/7 to provide disinfection on top of our restoration services. You can trust that we are here to help and "Faster to any size disaster." Call today for a free quote for cleaning services.

green SERVPRO vans parked on the street

Proactive Cleaning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is here to help 24/7 to provide disinfection services to the businesses in our community. We are following guidance of SERVPRO Corporate and the CDC to implement effective cleaning strategies.

A graphic of a germ

Biohazard Remediaiton

We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning! At SERVPRO, we’re trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration. Call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston to see how we can help clean your home or business.

a guy removing floors

Removing Flooring After Water Damage

We had to remove the floors after a multi-level leak in this commercial building. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is always Ready for whatever happens! You can count on our crew.

a wood platform

Restaurant Fire Damage

This Boston restaurant suffered fire damage which led to water and mold damage. Our team are experts in water, fire, and mold remediation. Call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston to make it "Like it never even happened."

a man removing wood flooring

Restoration after a Water Heater Malfunction

Water Cleanup in Boston, MA

Water damage in this Boston barbershop left the ceiling, sheetrock and flooring affected. The cause of loss was a water heater malfunction. Our crew at SERVPRO of Boston/Back Bay/South Boston is on the job and working hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

A plastic tarp dividing a room

The Importance of Containment

Containment is extremely important to shield off the unaffected portion of the home while restoration and demolition is underway. Our team is dedicated to efficiently restoring the homes and businesses in our community after disaster. 

two workers setting up plastic tarps in a kitchen

Preparing Containment for Demolition

A second floor water loss in this home called for containment and demolition of the kitchen ceiling and hardwood floor. Our team is highly skilled and equipped with the latest technology to restore this Boston, MA home.

legos surrounded by green drying equipment

Yes, Even Legos!

We are busy cleaning some legos as part of the contents needed cleaning from a recent loss at a Boston, MA home. We will get these legos clean, dry, and sanitized before returning them to the homeowner.

the inside of an attic with white discoloration on the wooden planks

Attic Mold

This Boston, MA homeowner gave our team at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston a call upon the discovery of grey colored growth in the attic. Our team will ensure this attic is returned to its preloss condition. 

Just Popping In!

Jake loves to pop in on Heather. Our team is always on the ball with communication within the office here at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston! Team Mattos is on top of it! 

Jake, Frank, and Julia

Jake, Frank, and Julia are all working hard to make sure all jobs are handled quickly, efficiently, and with the utmost care & attention to detail! Our team here at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is unmatched.

Operations Manager

Operations Manager, Mike, can always be found with a smile (and a hat)! Mike is a wonderful asset here at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston! Thanks for all your hard work, Mike! 

Setting Goals

Frank and Jake meet to discuss SERVPRO of Boston’s growth & success. We are always setting new goals for Team Mattos! Our main goal is to be the premier choice for your restoration and cleaning needs. 

Award Winning Team

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is Boston’s award winning leader in clean up & restoration. Our team is as dedicated, hard working and compassionate as they come! Keep us in mind for your cleaning and restoration needs. 

Twinning at Work

When you show up for work and you are twinning with your boss. Awkward! What can we say? Team Mattos has some great style here at the SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston office!

Jake and Julia

Jake and Julia are working out today’s busy schedule! Julia and Jake make a great pair when ensuring our office at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston stays efficient and effective! Team Mattos for the win!

Jake and Denielle

General Manager, Jake, and Job File Coordinator Denielle hard at work! We can always count on these 2 to stay on top of things. We are proud to have you both as part of Team Mattos!

Jake - General Manager

Let us introduce Jake, our General Manager here at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston. We appreciate everything Jake does and has done for Team Mattos and we are very happy to have him as part of our team!


"Your attitude, almost always determines your altitude in life."

All around our office you will find framed quotes that each incorporate our values as a team. 

Dare to Soar - Words our Team Mattos lives by!

Our CEO, Frank Mattos.

Our CEO Frank Mattos is celebrating his 30th year as a SERVPRO owner. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and involved CEO in our office. If anyone knows the ins and outs of SERVPRO, it's Frank!

Clean Up!

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston is a seven time award winning team. Locally owned and operated, this team is waiting to hear from you! Our motto is to make it "Like it never even happened." 


Our commitment to you is SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston will be, as our motto states, "Faster to Any Size Disaster." We are waiting for your call around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Water Restoration

The water removal and water cleanup process is completed in only few days. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/ Back Bay/ South Boston will document the whole drying process for your insurance company. This is a super helpful step in validating that you had your property dried thoroughly.

Do you have a whole in your wall?

Believe it or not, but most homes do. Whether someone fell through the attic or drove into the wall in the garage. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/ Back Bay/South Boston specializes in any kind of damage that you may have in your home!

Do you clean your rugs on a regular basis?

We protect your belonging by cleaning and maintaining them. The SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay /South Boston offers a number of cleaning options to match any type of upholstery or carpet you may have in your home. 

Filthy Air Duct

Pictured is a filthy air duct coil. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown /Back Bay /South Boston offers various services that prevent odors, dust, and air pollutants.

Commercial Water Damage

To Learn More About Our Water Restoration Services, Click Below

24/7, 365 days a year SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay /South Boston is here for You!

RIP Carpet

Just kidding! They called SERVPRO of Boston Downtown /Back Bay /South Boston! 

Our 24-hour emergency service is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster. Give Us A Call to save your carpet, today! (617) 227-2200

Office Under Water

Carpets soaked, tables ruined, and time lost. Don't let your workplace suffer longer than it has to. We know how stressful flooding can be. Give us a call, and we'll take it off your hands! 

(617) 227-2200

Commercial Mold Remediation

This commercial property in Back Bay, MA discovered mold on the premises and gave SERVPRO a call right away. We responded to the call and began setting up containment on a commercial level. We are always here to help our community!

Containment During Mold Removal

Containment is a crucial step in the mold remediation and removal process. Containment helps to stop the spreading of contamination. Give SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston a call to learn more about mold remediation and removal. 

Replacing Flooring After Water Damage

This Back Bay, MA home suffered water damage to the flooring. SERVPRO arrived to the home and began removing all the damaged flooring in order to start the restoration process. Give us a call today to learn more about our water damage restoration services.

Moisture Testing During Water Damage Restoration

Testing moisture levels is an important part of the water damage restoration process. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston will provide a clearance before you return to your home or business after water and mold damage. 

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Practices

This daycare in Boston, MA suffered water damage after a pipe break. SERVPRO responded to the scene and began removing the standing water and placing drying equipment. Soon enough this daycare will look "Like it never even happened."

Equipment in a gym shower.

The Drying Process After Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO has specialized drying equipment to handle any size loss. This Boston gym suffered water damage after a pipe break. SERVPRO began placing drying equipment immediately to hinder the spreading of water damage. 

Standing water in an elementary school.

Standing Water in Your Business

SERVPRO responded promptly after this daycare owner discovered standing water in their business. We began extracting the standing water immediately and placed drying equipment to get the water damage restoration process started. Give us a call at the first signs of water damage. (617) 227-2200

Restoring Flooring After Water Damage

SERVPRO will either restore or replace your flooring after water damage occurs. The severity of water damage increases the longer water is left to sit. We will always restore what we can after your home or business suffers water damage

Ceiling Damage in Your Boston Home

Give SERVPRO a call at the first sign of water damage to prevent major ceiling damage in your Boston, MA home. The difference between a cost efficient and a costly loss can be as little as a few hours. SERVPRO has a team of licensed professionals who can make ceiling damage look "Like it never even happened." 

Specialized Equipment for Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston has the equipment needed to take care of any size water loss. From commercial water restoration to residential loss, SERVPRO is here to help! Give us a call today at (617) 227-2200 

Bathroom Supply Line Leak

You would not have guessed that this bathroom was absolutely gutted because of a leak in the supply line. The new sink and flooring look amazing after the damage it had earlier this week.

A great example of SERVPRO Cleaning Products

Here is just a sample of how well the cleaning products from SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston can clean a heavily damaged home due to fire and smoke. Learn more about fire damage by visiting our fire page.

Disgusting Bathroom in Retail Store

This was a bathroom in a retail store. The store was vacant but being redone and needed a good scrubbing. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston was called by the business owner to do the cleanup of the bathroom.

Wind and Rain Damage

After significant wind and rain damage, this home suffered from water damage in the ceiling.  The rain had leaked into this Boston home from wind damage off the roof.  SERVPRO responded immediately and removed drywall and repaired damages. 

Jail cell flooding

After a flood in this Boston Jail cell, SERVPRO responded and began mitigation immediately.  The team used professional drying equipment to ensure water was dried and in safe living conditions. 

After Air Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO was able to clean air ducts and restore then back to like new.  It is important to ensure your duct work is clear preventing future damages in your home.  Contact us for your cleaning needs. 

Boston Storm Damage

This home suffered from a severe storm in the Boston area.  SERVPRO arrived and began clean up procedures.  The drywall and flooring was removed to begin drying process and prep for rebuild. 

Bathroom Mitigation

This bathroom suffered from a water loss.  There was a significant amount of water and debris after a toilet overflow.  SERVPRO responded quickly and began mitigation.  They were able to sanitize the area and return back to normal conditions. 

Water and Mold Damage

This home suffered from water and mold damage.  The team at SERVPRO responded and found mold behind the walls after water damage.  The drywall was removed, dried, and treated and restored back to normal conditions. 

Bathroom Remodel

This home had a full bathroom make over after a bathroom flood.  The team at SERVPRO responded and began clean up procedures.  They completely gutted the bathroom and restored back to this beautiful bathroom. 

SERVPRO's Storm Call Center

When storms hit, we have a designated area where team members are available 24/7 to take your calls and assist you. Since we can't control when disasters strike we do make ourselves available in your time of need. 

SERVPRO's Storm Team New Facility

Ready for whenever a storm attacks? 

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston is! We have a state of the art facility and team members that are ready to serve 24/7. We operate 365 days a year and no disaster is too big for us to handle. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you! 

SERVPRO's Storm Team New Warehouse

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has a new warehouse for their storm team. As we continue to grow and serve more homeowners and businesses, we wanted to the space to house our expanding team and large amounts of equipment that can handle any size loss. 

SERVPRO Storm Team

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has a storm team that is available to help your residential home or commercial business. We operate 365 days a year and around the clock. If you have any questions about our capabilities, contact us directly at (617) 227-2200.

Fire cleaning products

Did you know? 

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has their own line of cleaning supplies that are the best in the industry for cleaning any residential or commercial fire job. 

If you have any questions feel free to call us directly at (617) 227-2200

SERVPRO's Storm Team is always ready

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston is faster to any disaster. Our storm team is always stocked and ready to work for any storm event. Being on the east coast, it is critical to always be prepared. 

Results After Fire Clean Up of Large Multi-Tenant Building

This picture shows the results after SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston cleaned and restored a multi-residential building that sustained a fire. The project included cleaning and rebuilding damages from the fire so that all evidence of the fire was removed, including visible signs of soot, and all resulting odors from the fire. Oftentimes, malodors are the most difficult part of restoring a property damaged by fire as it requires all soot containing odor are found and removed from the premises. SERVPRO uses several techniques, including removal of damaged structures, Hepa air filtration, and several techniques requiring professional thermal fogging products and equipment to remove all evidence of the fire.  We at SERVPRO are happy to help clients from start to finish in restoring their properties back to preloss condition, getting them back to business, and allowing their tenants to get back into their homes and daily lives. 

Fire in a large multi tenant building

This large building had a fire break out and SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was called to respond. Our crews were able to help with the entire project from start to finish. It is very important to make sure that everything is well documented from start to finish on any fire job. 

Checking for mold in a crawlspace

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was called to check for mold in this crawlspace. We took all the precautions with PPE, and made sure to look carefully and have all microbial growth we found tested. If you have any questions about mold or if you think you have it in your home or business, contact us at (617) 227-2200.

After cleaning microbial growth in ducts

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston cleaned these ducts to makes sure any and all microbial growth was eliminated. Our team follows all of the guidelines laid out by the IICRC. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime. 

Microbial Growth in Ducts

These ducts had tons of buildup that needed to be cleaned. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was on site and made sure all the proper procedures were taken to effectively clean and restore the air quality in this facility. 

Fire cleanup after SERVPRO finished

This table was cleaned by SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston. We made sure to carefully clean and restore back to pre loss condition. If you have any questions about fire cleanup, feel free to contact our team at (617) 227-2200.

Fire cleanup before SERVPRO finished

This table was severely damaged by fire. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was quick to get on site and start the cleaning process. Our team makes sure to take plenty of pictures, before, during and after. 

Mold on roof (After Removal)

This picture is after SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston cleaned the mold off of a roof. (Pictured in photo below) We made sure to follow all recommended protocols and eliminate the source that was causing the damages. 

Mold on roof (Before Removal)

This roof had significant mold damage. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was called to have tested and then treat to remove all of the microbial growth. It is important to follow all recommended instructions when it comes to mold remediation. 

Dirty ducts in a commercial building

These ducts were covered in dust and other substances. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was on site to clean the intakes and all of the ducts inside the building. This was a huge improvement and enhancement to the air quality inside. 

Water cleanup available 24/7

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has teams available 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (617) 227-2200. We have team members that can take your call around the clock. 

Water mitigation equipment

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has the equipment and man power to handle any size water loss in the Boston area. We are quick to respond and always available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Water extraction at a local prison

This prison had several inches of water that needed to be extracted. SERVPRO was quick to respond and start the mitigation process. It is important to not let water sit for too long or it can begin to create microbial growth. 

Water damage cleanup in a Prison

SERVPRO responded to this water loss in a prison. We had to follow strict protocols for the safety of our team and the inmates. We were able to quickly extract all of the water and have it dried. 

New Facility in Boston

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown is going to be moving into a new facility. We are just adding some of the finishing touches. It is really exciting to see all the room we have now. We will be able to help more customers and in better fashion with this new place.

Clean and Tidy Warehouse

Here at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown we pride ourselves in having a clean and tidy warehouse. We realize that cleaning after a water or fire damage starts with having clean equipment. Call us and we will be sure to bring our clean equipment to clean and restore your home or business.

Benefect - Authentically Botanical Disinfectant

We stock Benefect at SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/back Bay/South Boston. Some homeowners have allergies or are sensitive to other commercial disinfectants.

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a broad spectrum, hospital disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & fungi (mold) and is suitable to be used in residential or commercial applications. 

Subterranean Duct

One of our technicians cleaning a subterranean duct in a permitted, confined space. 

Residential/Commercial Services

Whether your Boston home or business needs emergency flood damage or your ducts cleaned, you can depend on us.  Our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and can make your property look its best. Learn more about our residential services:

•Water Damage Restoration

•Fire Damage Restoration

•Mold Remediation

•Storm Damage Restoration

•Cleaning Services

•Building/Reconstruction Services

•Duct Cleaning

Have Questions? Call Us 24/7 – (617)227-2200

toys in a heating system

Toys in Weird Places

We never know what we're going to find in heating systems. This couple often took care of their 3 year old granddaughter. When SERVPRO of Boston arrived to fix their heating system and open up to see what the problem was their granddaughter said, "Uh oh!"

broken glass by a table

Glass Everywhere

SERVPRO of Boston was called to cleanup millions of tiny pieces of glass after a large chandelier had fallen directly onto a glass coffee table. The glass was found as far as three rooms away from the actual table. The glass removal required a meticulous touch to ensure the areas were completely free of glass shards. 
Our crew worked for many hours on this cleanup.

clean shiny wood floors

Custom Flooring Building Services

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston can help you put things back together again after a loss! These new wood floors  were installed in a very high end home following a water damage from a broken supply line in a third floor bathroom. These floors were a custom order of solid Beechwood cut to three different widths. This is an extra tricky floor to install as they have to come out looking this good due to the different widths. The placement had to be perfect.  

white curtains

Cleaner Curtains

It's important to remember that SERVPRO of Boston can also handle non-disaster related work. A local university called SERVPRO of Boston for help cleaning a massive vinyl curtain gym dividing system. This is a picture of the test clean we did. We were able to save this school hundreds of thousands of dollars by cleaning this curtain system as opposed to having the University replace the custom system. 

thermal imaging camera screen

Advanced Technology

SERVPRO of Boston uses the latest technology to help us find wiring and water damage as effectively as possible. This is a thermal image of a large living room ceiling in a brand new home. We were able to dry the area in two and a half days without having to cut into the ceiling at all. All SERVPRO of Boston's Project Managers carry this technology with them when inspecting losses to ensure we get the work done correctly and minimize damage as quickly as possible.

hardwood floor tenting for drying after water damage

Another Rescued Floor

SERVPRO of Boston was recently able to save a family from having to refinish a large family room floor. We were able to completely remove the cupping in a small section of a large floor that would have required a complete pack out of the space as well as sanding and refinish due to a custom stain finish. We combined heat from our low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers with our floor mat drying system which basically vacuums the floor removing moisture while reversing the cupping.