Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded basement.

Flood Waters Can Be Very Dangerous

A heavy rainstorm can cause flood events in the Boston area. The water left behind after a flood can be hazardous and needs expert care in order to safely remove and clean up.

Team members in the middle of demo.

Ice Storm in Texas

This home suffered from significant damage after the recent ice storm down in Texas. Our SERVPRO of Boston Downtown team traveled down to the great state of Texas to help the victims of the storm!

Grey background with the words, wind driven rain.

Water & Mold Damage

We know wind driven rain can quickly lead to water and mold damage in your property. That's why we work around the clock to mitigate damages. Call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston for immediate assistance after water damage! (617) 227-2200

2 green vans in a warehouse

Restoration After Flash Flooding

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown is out in the rain today, fixing up properties that experienced flash flooding. These two vans are back for a quick restock before heading back out again. We are available 24/7 to assist with water emergencies! (617) 227-2200

Wind and Rain Damage

After significant wind and rain damage, this home suffered from water damage in the ceiling.  The rain had leaked into this Boston home from wind damage off the roof.  SERVPRO responded immediately and removed drywall and repaired damages. 

Boston Storm Damage

This home suffered from a severe storm in the Boston area.  SERVPRO arrived and began clean up procedures.  The drywall and flooring was removed to begin drying process and prep for rebuild. 

SERVPRO's Storm Call Center

When storms hit, we have a designated area where team members are available 24/7 to take your calls and assist you. Since we can't control when disasters strike we do make ourselves available in your time of need. 

SERVPRO's Storm Team New Facility

Ready for whenever a storm attacks? 

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston is! We have a state of the art facility and team members that are ready to serve 24/7. We operate 365 days a year and no disaster is too big for us to handle. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you! 

SERVPRO's Storm Team New Warehouse

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has a new warehouse for their storm team. As we continue to grow and serve more homeowners and businesses, we wanted to the space to house our expanding team and large amounts of equipment that can handle any size loss. 

SERVPRO Storm Team

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has a storm team that is available to help your residential home or commercial business. We operate 365 days a year and around the clock. If you have any questions about our capabilities, contact us directly at (617) 227-2200.

SERVPRO's Storm Team is always ready

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston is faster to any disaster. Our storm team is always stocked and ready to work for any storm event. Being on the east coast, it is critical to always be prepared. 

broken glass by a table

Glass Everywhere

SERVPRO of Boston was called to cleanup millions of tiny pieces of glass after a large chandelier had fallen directly onto a glass coffee table. The glass was found as far as three rooms away from the actual table. The glass removal required a meticulous touch to ensure the areas were completely free of glass shards. 
Our crew worked for many hours on this cleanup.