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When should you call SERVPRO?

There are many reasons why SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston is the trusted brand for water mitigation. Commercial companies know that they w... READ MORE

Boston Flooding and Storm Damage

The storm in Boston left the basement of this home dirty and in the need of cleaning. You can clearly see the line where the flooding had left the damage. Becau... READ MORE

Dust Accumulation in the HVAC

Every commercial building has problems with dust getting stuck in their HVAC system. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston can have your ducts cleane... READ MORE

How do remove heavy smoke damage

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston was called to help this home out after it had an electrical fire in their basement. Although it seemed like... READ MORE

Mold Removal and Drying

If your home has mold growing inside it is usually after a water intrusion problem. Check the area where there is mold growth for moisture after storm damage. H... READ MORE

Does your Boston home have mold?

Mold is a very obnoxious problem to have if you live in Boston. It is a problem that we face on most water damaged homes. Whenever a home gets wet mold start af... READ MORE

How does mold get in my house?

Mold is Everywhere and Will Be in Your Home Mold is a decomposer and will constantly be in your home. It will come in on you shoes, your pets, and your guests.... READ MORE

Removing Mold the Right Way

Mold Removal Done the Right Way There are many bad ways to remove mold but there is only one real way to really have it gone for good. The CDC and the IICRC ha... READ MORE

Containment is Necessary for Mold Remediation

When is it necessary to set up a containment? Every time there is visible mold in your home a containment should be set up before any type of cleaning. Disturbi... READ MORE

Basement is Flooded in Back Bay, MA

Call SERVPRO for Flooded Basements A flooded basement is a common call for SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston. Sometimes a basement with an ou... READ MORE