Water Damage Photo Gallery

Team member extracting water.

Commercial Water Extraction in Action

When your home or business in Boston, MA, suffers from a water damage event that leaves behind a significant amount of water, our crew will use our powerful extraction equipment to properly and efficiently remove any standing water!

a pipe bursting with ice

Frozen Pipe Burst

Pipes Bursting In Boston, MA

Frozen pipes don't always break near the outside walls. Ice forms within the pipe starting from the outside wall and adds pressure inside the water line. The pipe will break at the weakest point which could be anywhere inside your home.

water on floors

Standing Water

Standing Water in Boston Property 

Standing water can quickly lead to secondary damage if not mitigated quickly. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston offers 24/7 , 365 water extraction services. (617) 227-2200

Room with windows, brick walls, and wood flooring.

Water Loss Boston

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston knows time is of the essence when it comes to water loss. You can count on our team for 24/7, 365 response after water emergencies. (617) 227-2200

discolored white ceiling with a gold light fixture

Ceiling Discoloration and Sagging in Boston, MA

Ceiling discoloration, leaking light fixtures, and sagging is a common sign of water damage. At the first signs of water damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston. Time is of the essence!

a cabinet full of water damaged documents

Drying Documents After Water Damage

Drying documents after a water loss is a specific process that requires high attention to detail and skill. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is WRT certified and ready to take on any sized loss. (617) 227-2200

a man removing wood flooring

Floor Removal After Water Damage

When water gets under your floor and is left to sit, mold is given the perfect breeding ground. Call SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston at the first signs of water damage to minimize loss. (617) 227-2200

a guy removing floors

Removing Flooring After Water Damage

We had to remove the floors after a multi-level leak in this commercial building. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston is always Ready for whatever happens! You can count on our crew.

a man removing wood flooring

Restoration after a Water Heater Malfunction

Water Cleanup in Boston, MA

Water damage in this Boston barbershop left the ceiling, sheetrock and flooring affected. The cause of loss was a water heater malfunction. Our crew at SERVPRO of Boston/Back Bay/South Boston is on the job and working hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

A plastic tarp dividing a room

The Importance of Containment

Containment is extremely important to shield off the unaffected portion of the home while restoration and demolition is underway. Our team is dedicated to efficiently restoring the homes and businesses in our community after disaster. 

two workers setting up plastic tarps in a kitchen

Preparing Containment for Demolition

A second floor water loss in this home called for containment and demolition of the kitchen ceiling and hardwood floor. Our team is highly skilled and equipped with the latest technology to restore this Boston, MA home.

Water Restoration

The water removal and water cleanup process is completed in only few days. SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/ Back Bay/ South Boston will document the whole drying process for your insurance company. This is a super helpful step in validating that you had your property dried thoroughly.

RIP Carpet

Just kidding! They called SERVPRO of Boston Downtown /Back Bay /South Boston! 

Our 24-hour emergency service is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster. Give Us A Call to save your carpet, today! (617) 227-2200

Office Under Water

Carpets soaked, tables ruined, and time lost. Don't let your workplace suffer longer than it has to. We know how stressful flooding can be. Give us a call, and we'll take it off your hands! 

(617) 227-2200

Replacing Flooring After Water Damage

This Back Bay, MA home suffered water damage to the flooring. SERVPRO arrived to the home and began removing all the damaged flooring in order to start the restoration process. Give us a call today to learn more about our water damage restoration services.

Restoring Flooring After Water Damage

SERVPRO will either restore or replace your flooring after water damage occurs. The severity of water damage increases the longer water is left to sit. We will always restore what we can after your home or business suffers water damage

Ceiling Damage in Your Boston Home

Give SERVPRO a call at the first sign of water damage to prevent major ceiling damage in your Boston, MA home. The difference between a cost efficient and a costly loss can be as little as a few hours. SERVPRO has a team of licensed professionals who can make ceiling damage look "Like it never even happened." 

Specialized Equipment for Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown/Back Bay/South Boston has the equipment needed to take care of any size water loss. From commercial water restoration to residential loss, SERVPRO is here to help! Give us a call today at (617) 227-2200 

Jail cell flooding

After a flood in this Boston Jail cell, SERVPRO responded and began mitigation immediately.  The team used professional drying equipment to ensure water was dried and in safe living conditions. 

Bathroom Mitigation

This bathroom suffered from a water loss.  There was a significant amount of water and debris after a toilet overflow.  SERVPRO responded quickly and began mitigation.  They were able to sanitize the area and return back to normal conditions. 

Bathroom Remodel

This home had a full bathroom make over after a bathroom flood.  The team at SERVPRO responded and began clean up procedures.  They completely gutted the bathroom and restored back to this beautiful bathroom. 

Water mitigation equipment

SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston has the equipment and man power to handle any size water loss in the Boston area. We are quick to respond and always available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Water damage cleanup in a Prison

SERVPRO responded to this water loss in a prison. We had to follow strict protocols for the safety of our team and the inmates. We were able to quickly extract all of the water and have it dried. 

thermal imaging camera screen

Advanced Technology

SERVPRO of Boston uses the latest technology to help us find wiring and water damage as effectively as possible. This is a thermal image of a large living room ceiling in a brand new home. We were able to dry the area in two and a half days without having to cut into the ceiling at all. All SERVPRO of Boston's Project Managers carry this technology with them when inspecting losses to ensure we get the work done correctly and minimize damage as quickly as possible.