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What To Do: Fire Loss in a Major City

3/30/2017 (Permalink)

What To Do: Fire Loss in a Major City            
            Having a major fire in one's home is one of peoples'
greatest fears. It is a truly terrifying prospect; not only is there
smoke inhalation to consider, but the burns of the flames themselves and
 the trauma and loss of dear valuables in the engulfment. In the event
of a fire, it is obviously paramount to get you and your loved ones to
safety. But after the event, there is not much talked about. We hear
about what to do during a fire, but may not know the exact ways to
recover should we escape the horrors.

 If you live in Boston MA or the Back Bay area, there is hope for you
and a way to fully resume normal activities and have a restored home.
SERVPRO is there for you to help recover what is lost. Fire loss can be
devastating, but here are some tips that can help guide you after such
an unfortunate event.

For one, it is important to survey the damage. Likely, there will be
fire damage, water damage from fire and the fire department's attempts
to stop the flames, smoke damage and soot damage. Not only that, but
consider the subpar air quality that is left behind after such a

Here is some advice should you be waiting for help to arrive or are
surveying what needs to be done. For one, you must limit movement in the
 home so that the soot particles don't get embedded in your upholstery.
This is important in order to save valuable items like chairs and carpets. Next,
you should tape double layers of cheese cloth over the air registers;
this allows the home to restore its air quality by not allowing air
ducts to further spread soot particles. Change the HVAC filter, and wash
 both sides of the leaves of houseplants with water; this allows them to
 "breathe" normally again. Keep your hands clean to avoid soiling
anything else made of cloth in the home, and empty the freezer and
refrigerator so that spoiled food will not cause further problems, should the electricity be

What do you NOT do in the event of fire loss? Do not attempt to shampoo
or wash carpets or upholstery without first contacting SERVPRO. Most
definitely, do not attempt to clean any electricals if they have been
near fire or water. Do not eat any canned or packaged products that have
 been near fire. And, importantly, do not send your clothes to a dry
cleaner, as the smoke smell can "set" in your clothes. Further advice
will be given by a SERVPRO professional regarding what you need to

How does fire restoration work? In Boston, Massachusetts or the Back Bay
 of MA, the first step is obviously calling a service like SERVPRO,
which is staffed 24 hours a day. The next day or sooner, a professional
will come to your home and assess the fire damage and begin the fire
cleanup process. Assessing the damage allows them to formulate a cleanup
 and restoration plan that is catered to the specific, unique damage you
 have experienced. To protect against further damage, the SERVPRO
professionals will board up windows and tarp over roofs to make sure
there is no theft or problems regarding weather conditions. In Boston or
 the Back Bay of Massachusetts, there can be incidents of snow entering
homes, so that should be accounted for.

If water damage is present, this will be the next step of the fire
restoration process. SERVPRO will institute water removal and drying of
surfaces should there have been water damage from fire. Next step after
that is assessing soot damage and smoke damage. SERVPRO uses special
equipment to remove evidence of both soot and smoke from the home. The
last and final step is cleaning and sanitizing the items in your home
that have been damaged. They also are able to remove odors through
specialized equipment and processes.

These steps, however, are only the first parts of the process. The major
 project is restoring your home to its pre-fire condition, which sometimes requires major repairs and the help of a contractor. It could involve
minor reconstruction like repairing carpets, or something bigger, like
reconstructing parts of your home. At any rate, a service like SERVPRO
has you covered for repairs and will make sure your home never shows the
 aftereffects of a fire.

Fire cleanup, as you can see, is a multi-layered and complex process.
SERVPRO will make sure you are back to normal as soon as possible, and
they work quickly to have you comfortably back in your home. However, one must be aware that this kind of damage can
take several weeks to repair.

We hope these tips will help you understand how to further protect your
property from damage should there be a fire. We hope, also, that these
tips will help you understand the process by which these issues are
resolved by fire restoration companies. Never forget that their phone
lines are open, any hour of the day, to help you move forward and figure
 out the next steps to take. The process begins with a phone call to
restore your home. It
is in an event such as a fire that we discover what is most important in
 life. There may have been fire damage, sometimes extensive, but you
still have your life, your family members, and that which can never be
destroyed which are beyond material possessions. Remember: please be
safe, and protect yourself.            

Visit http://www.SERVPRObostondowntownbackbaysouthboston.com for more information on fire damage restoration.

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