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Things that the Water Damage Restoration Company will Do to Restore Your Property

4/28/2017 (Permalink)

Things that the Water Damage Restoration Company will Do to Restore Your Property

Water damage can happen in a business or at home for various reasons. These include a leaky roof, burst pipes, floods, or even after fighting a fire. Regardless of the cause of the water in home or business, you need to take quick action to contain the water damage and do the proper water cleanup if you are to save your valuables. The best thing would be employing the services of a professional water damage restoration company to do the drying, water cleanup, and restoration of the building.

Professional companies that carry out water damage restoration aim to reinstate the building back to its former glory and mitigate the damage. These experts will determine the extent of the damage that the water in business or home building has caused on a scale of one to four to identify the best technique to use when drying the premises as well as come up with suitable mitigation strategies.

Level one implies that there was light water damage to one room or sections but the carpets or rugs weren’t soaked by the water. Level two water damage involves at least one complete room that has a soaked carpet and wicking up the wall twelve to twenty-four inches. The third level generally entails overhead damages such as leaky ceiling and a saturated room. The fourth level is the highest flood damage characterized by deep saturation and is commonly caused by a flood.

After categorizing the water damage, the professionals will determine the water in home or business contamination level to determine the mitigation technique that will be the best fit for the situation. The higher the level, the more contaminated the water is. For instance, black water damage is the most unsanitary as it involves blocked plumbing, sewage backflow and standing water. Such levels of water contamination can cause illness or demise if ingested and proper water cleanup should be done to prevent such outcomes.

The team of water restoration professionals will then remove the water in business premises or at home based on the assessment done above. The mitigation procedure involves pumping standing water in business building or at home and suck that water out of the carpet and the floor to prevent further flood damage. They will then remove any dry wall which has wicking. The experts will take out and replace damaged insulation and structural beams during the water damage mitigation process. The floor may be removed so as to dry it or be replaced depending on the level of water contamination. Air movements cause the carpet and surfaces to dry faster.

Once the water damage restoration experts are done drying, deodorizing, and sanitizing the area where the water in the home had caused damage, they will leave some of their gear in place for a couple of days. This is done to continue drying the place and to return the temperature and moisture levels to normal. Air movements will also hasten the drying process. The water damage restoration experts have the best equipment for air movement and will therefore take care of the issue in the best manner. Reassessment of the home or business building will be done after three days, and if the property has reached pre-water damage dryness, the pros will remove their equipment and your home or business premises will be restored.

Contacting water damage restoration professionals as soon as your home or business is soaked in water will cut the water cleanup expenses. Trying to do the job by yourself since you do not have the necessary knowledge or equipment such as the air movement machines will result in flood damage and other severe consequences due to the water in business premises or at home. The experts know how to mitigate water damage. The sooner the water in home or business is dried, the lesser the water or flood damage will be.
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