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Mold Removal and Drying

If your home has mold growing inside it is usually after a water intrusion problem. Check the area where there is mold growth for moisture after storm damage.Ho... READ MORE

Does your Boston home have mold?

Mold is a very obnoxious problem to have if you live in Boston. It is a problem that we face on most water damaged homes. Whenever a home gets wet mold start af... READ MORE

How does mold get in my house?

 Mold is Everywhere and Will Be in Your HomeMold is a decomposer and will constantly be in your home. It will come in on you shoes, your pets, and your gue... READ MORE

Removing Mold the Right Way

 Mold Removal Done the Right WayThere are many bad ways to remove mold but there is only one real way to really have it gone for good. The CDC and the IICR... READ MORE

Containment is Necessary for Mold Remediation

When is it necessary to set up a containment?Every time there is visible mold in your home a containment should be set up before any type of cleaning. Disturbin... READ MORE

Basement is Flooded in Back Bay, MA

Call SERVPRO for Flooded BasementsA flooded basement is a common call for SERVPRO of Boston Downtown / Back Bay / South Boston. Sometimes a basement w... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Boston, MA

This bathroom had a sewer backup and the homeowners didn’t know how to handle the situation. First you call your insurance because they can give you ... READ MORE

Mold Growing Under Wood Floors

Water Leak Left to Dry on its OwnThis home had mold growing under their floor from a broken pipe leak that was left to dry on its own. The mold had grown u... READ MORE

Downtown Boston View Ruined by Mold

Mold is Microscopic We end up only being able to see it when it finally grows into a fuzzy mass on something in our homes that is organic.Mold needs water to gr... READ MORE

Why does mold begin grow in a home?

Microscopic Mold is Visible when GrowingMold is microscopic which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, it is very hard to determine if your home has mo... READ MORE