Recent Before & After Photos

Tricky Places

Fire damage doesn't always affect just the interior of a building and that can make for some tricky cleaning and restoration. That was the case with this Boston... READ MORE

Restaurant Fire Restoration

There was a fire in a store above a local Boston restaurant and these tables suffered water and smoke damage. SERVPRO of Boston's highly trained restoratio... READ MORE

Crane Vandals

SERVPRO of Boston received a call to clean the cab of a large crane after vandals had emptied a fire extinguisher into it. The dust from fire extinguishers gets... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleaning

This is a bathroom exhaust vent system SERVPRO of Boston cleaned in an elderly housing facility. The residents and staff were amazed at how much ... READ MORE

Moldy Roof is as Good as New

Pictured here is the underside of a roof. There had been a leak and the mold took over. After remediating the mold, SERVPRO of Boston was able to apply a antimi... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO of Boston provides both residential and commercial duct cleaning services. We use only the latest techniques and equipment recognized by NADCA. This is ... READ MORE